Schedule of Events

The calendar below shows all of the games that we have already scheduled. You'll notice we can accommodate three groups at any given time slot and up to six groups per day. If you see a date where there are no groups scheduled and we haven't indicated we are closed or reserved, this means we are accepting reservations for that time.

For example, if on July 1st at 1:30pm "ABC Group" is the only group scheduled, that time slot (1:30pm) is still available for another two groups to reserve. However, if for example on July 2nd at 9:00am "ABC Group", "KLM Group", and "XYZ Group" are all scheduled, that time slot is unavailable for reservations since it is already full.

Please note that we will not accept private reservations during days we've scheduled a Public Game.

If you see an available time slot and would like to book your own private reservation, click here.

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