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  1. How much does it cost to play?
  2. Can I bring my own paint & supplies?
  3. How old to I have to be to play?
  4. Can you fill my HPA (High Pressure Air) / CO2 tank?
  5. Can my group bring their own food/drinks?
  6. Doesn't it hurt when you get shot?
  7. What do I need to bring?
  8. Do the paintballs stain my clothing/equipment?
  9. Can I just show up on the weekend or to any posted game and play?
  10. How many people do I need to reserve a game?
  11. What is paintball?
  12. Is it safe?
  13. How can I play?
  14. How do I play safe?
  15. Do I need to be physically fit to play?

How much does it cost to play?
For those who bring their own equipment we charge a $10 field fee which includes all-day air refills (both CO2 and Compressed Air) and we require that all players use our paint. If you need to rent equipment, our rental packages cost between $40 and $50 for everything you need to play for the day (field fee, paintball gun, HPA tank, mask, & 500 paintballs). Of course, if you need more supplies while playing, we have it available for purchase.

We welcome new players who have never played paintball before and sell rental packages for those who need them. Rental packages include everything needed to play (semi-automatic paintball marker, a barrel, a hopper (which holds the paintballs), a filled air tank (CO2 or HPA), 500 paintballs, and a paintball mask.

We also supply CO2 and HPA (High Pressure Air) tank refills.

All pricing information and the option to purchase equipment/supplies can be found on our online store.

Can I bring my own paint & supplies?
You are more than welcome to bring your own paintball equipment, but cannot bring your own paint. All players must purchase and use our field paint (our online store can be found
here). This is to minimize injury and prevent staining to equipment and the field(s).

** If you are caught bringing your own paint onto the field, you will be warned and the paint will be confiscated. If caught a second time, you will be asked to leave without a refund of rented equipment and/or paintballs purchased. No exceptions.

How old to I have to be to play?
For insurance reasons, all players must be 11 years of age or older.

Can you fill my HPA (High Pressure Air) / CO2 tank?
Yes, we fill 3,000/4,500 psi HPA tanks that are in hydro -- meaning they have been hydro tested in the last five (5) years. Look for the date on the tank. If it is within 5 years of today's date we can fill it. We also fill all CO2 tanks.

Please keep in mind that we do not have staff at the field 24/7. We are only available to fill during published dates/times as indicated on our
Upcoming Events calendar.

Can my group bring their own food/drinks?
Due to increased maintenance costs, no outside food/drinks will be allowed. We have drinks (soda, water, & gatorade) and snacks (chips, candy, crackers, etc.) and have established a relationship with a local restaurant who supplies pizza at very reasonable rates ($5 per person).

If the event is a birthday party, we will allow group organizers to bring a birthday cake and basic decorations. We just ask that you let us know ahead of time. Note that clean up and removal of these items will be the responsibility of the group's organizer.

contact us for more information.

What do I need to bring?
Bring old, sturdy, dark clothes and shoes or boots with some sort of ankle support. Certainly, if you have a camouflage outfit, wear it! You may be running through mud, so you wouldn't want to wear your new sneakers. Also, bring a clean rag and or paper towels to clean any equipment you bring.

Lunch/Dinner can be provided if the group decides on it. Generally pizza is ordered at a cost of $4 dollars per person. Soda, water, and gatorade are available and can also be purchased.

Doesn't it hurt when you get shot?
The paint pellets break open upon impact, and generally cause very little pain. What pain is experienced is more of a stinging sensation from the pellet's impact against the skin or through clothing. In my experience, the stinging pain goes away after about 30 seconds. Of course, the closer you are to the muzzle of the gun, the higher the velocity of the pellet when it hits you. Thus, more pain may be experienced when shot at close range rather than farther away.

In general, one can count on coming off the field with a few welts from paintball impacts, but your most annoying injuries are more likely to be scrapes and bruises from the local terrain.

Do the paintballs stain my clothing/equipment?
Paint is water-soluble and should wash out easily with hot water, however if left untouched more than 24 hours some paint does tend to stain.

Can I just show up on the weekend or to any posted game and play?
We only accept "walk-ons" for our "Public Games", which are (you guessed it) open to the general public. All other games are considered private because the group (made up of at least 10 people - see below) has reserved the field(s) to themselves (unless otherwise indicated) for the time allotted.

Please note that if you've reserved the field, we will not be able to help you and your group until the agreed-upon starting time -- this means that if your group is scheduled to start at 9am, showing up at 8am will not mean your group will start or be serviced before 9am.

Please also keep in mind that we accept
reservations any day of the week - not just on weekends.

How many people do I need to reserve a game?
We require that you have a group of at least 10 people. This is to keep things fun and exciting for everyone involved! Of course, the more the merrier!

What is paintball?
It's a sport in which each player has a paintball marker that fires gelatin capsules filled with a water-soluble marking dye. If you're shot and marked, you're out of the game and have to wait until the next one starts. The most common variation is two teams at opposite ends of a field and when "Go" (or some other variation is said) both teams runs towards each other taking cover. The object is to go get the other team out before they get your whole team out by shooting paintballs. It's pretty simple and a lot of fun!

Is it safe?
Like all action sports (football, basket ball, etc.), paintball is very dangerous unless adequate protection is worn and safety rules understood and followed.

Most paintball guns shoot a 68 caliber paint pellet. The pellet is a thin plastic shell filled with a water-soluble paint. Guns shoot the pellets at a speed of 200 to 300 feet per second. Since the paint pellets are fairly light (only weighing a few grams each), they have little momentum while in flight, and thus are not lethal like the heavy lead projectiles fired from conventional firearms.

In addition to using a non-lethal projectile, paintball players always wear protective goggles to protect their eyes and usually wear masks covering the rest of their neck and head as well.

Goggles must be worn at all times unless in designated areas. Ignoring safety will result in ejection from the field.

How can I play?
You may play by joining our public games which are open to anyone who wants to play, or by
reservation. We try to have one or two public games a month, but that doesn't always happen. If you reserve the field (for up to four hours at a time), your group generally has the field to itself. We cannot guarantee exclusive access to the field unless your group is at least 25-30 players. Our only restriction regarding reservations is that your group has to have at least 10 members (each 11 years of age or older). Our field is large enough to accommodate over 65 people, but please feel free to contact us if you have questions on the size of your group.

How do I play safe?

  1. Do not fire your marker anywhere except on the field during the game or in the designated chronograph area/shooting range.
  2. Inspect the lens of your goggles for cracks or signs of weakness.
  3. Make sure your mask is well seated and will not come off during the game.
  4. Make sure the velocity of your marker is below 300 feet per second with the supplied chronograph.
  5. Always assume the gun is loaded; even if you know otherwise.
  6. Always assume safety devices won't work.
  7. Unload the gun when not in use.
  8. Anytime you are carrying a marker in a 'safe zone' such as the parking lot or staging area where people are not wearing goggles, you MUST point the gun downward.
  9. NEVER remove facemasks or goggles while on the field.
  10. Do not play when very tired or hungry. Bring food or money to buy food from field. Most injuries occur at the end of the day when players are exhausted.
  11. NEVER look down the barrel. Not even with protection. If barrel needs checking remove from the marker and check. If the barrel cannot be removed, disconnect all CO2/CA equipment, test fire the gun downrange until no more gas is left in the gun, clear the breech or ball loading area, and then, carefully and while wearing goggles, glance down the barrel.
  12. Notify the field owner or manager of any medical conditions, allergies etc.
  13. Know the rules of the game and abide by them!

Do I need to be physically fit to play?
Not really, but it will definitely help! As with all strenuous exercise participants should stretch and warm up before playing. Since typical games require quick sprints followed by a rest having good anaerobic fitness is beneficial.
Players should gauge their play to their level of fitness. Proper footwear is very important. Some players find that army boots or leather work boots protect feet and ankles in the woods the best. They also allow for going through mud with out getting your feet wet. Other players prefer the support that sneakers give as paintball does involve running. Personal preferences vary, but footwear should not be overlooked.