Upcoming Games

  • No upcoming games until warmer weather.

Group Discounts

It's true the more people you bring out, the better experience you'll have. We now offer the following packages to group organizers who bring out more than 20 players:

  • 20 - 29 Players:
    1. One FREE Extreme Rental Package ($50 value)*
  • 30 - 39 Players:
    1. One FREE Extreme Rental Package ($50 value)*; and
    2. One FREE Case of Field-Grade Paint ($60 value)*
  • 40+ Players:
    1. Two FREE Extreme Rental Packages ($100 value)*; and
    2. Two FREE Cases of Field-Grade Paint ($120 value)*

If you have any questions regarding bringing out your group, please let us know.

If you're ready to book your reservation, fill out our online reservation form.

NOTE: The group discount promotion only applies to full-priced players -- players paying with discounts cannot be used towards the total count
* not exchangeable for cash value